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Wild West District

Welcome to Wild West!


Wild West District Blog

Wild West Extension District is currently publishing an blog.  Check it out and subscribe today.  Each Extension agent will be submitting a new blog once a week about current topics that are occurring in our world today! http://blogs.k-state.edu/wildwestdistrict/


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Upcoming Events

June 7-9-Discovery Days

June 8-Haskell Co Horse Project

June 10-SW Area Horse Show

June 11-Stevens Co Photo

June 12-Stevens Co Archery

June 13-Stevens Co Archery

June 14-15-Camp Lakeside

June 15-Stevens Co Plant Science

June 16-Creative Cooks

June 17-Haskell Co Horse/Seward County Barn Dance

June 18-Seward Co Foods

June 20-Stevens Co Swine Mtg

June 21-Horse Worknight-Stevens Co

June 24-SuperStar Livestock Show

June 25-Seward Co Foods

June 26-Cloverbuds Cosmic Camp

June 27-Stevens Co 7-8 Foods

June 28-Horse Worknight-StevensCo

June 29-Stevens Co Plant Science

July 1-Stevens Co Fair Pre-Entry Deadline

July5-Stevens Co Horse Worknight

July 6-Chopped Contest

July 7-Stevens Co Shotgun

July 9-Stevens Co Photography

July11-Stevens Co-Rabbit

July12-Stevens Co Horse Worknight

Jully13-Stevens Co Shotgun

July 17-Seward Co 4-H Council

July 19-Haskell Co Style Review/Stevens Co Horse Worknight

July 20-Stevens Co Fashion Review/Haskell Co Rabbits

July 24-29-Haskell Co/Stevens Co Fair Week